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Siena Piazza del Campo


SIENA Book Tour Book Tour Full Day I personally love this town! The historical center looks almost totally red, due to its typical medieval architecture made of bricks. You’ll be amazed by the stunning Cathedral and the peculiar shape of … Read More

Florence Cathedral and Baptistery


FLORENCE Book Tour Book Tour 37,30 miles Full Day The capital city of Tuscany offers to visitors some of the most famous works of art in the world such as the Brunelleschi dome, the Old Bridge, the Uffizi Gallery, Michelangelo’s … Read More

San Gimignano

Volterra and San Gimignano

VOLTERRA AND S. GIMIGNANO Book Tour Book Tour Photo Friendly Full Day Two lovely hilltop little towns at once Volterra, with its winding streets, still has the Etruscan walls, imposing medieval fortifications and remains dating back to the Romans. San … Read More