My History

Hi there! I’m Belinda and, even though my name doesn’t sound that much Italian, I’m 100% “Lucchese”: what does this word mean?... Well, that I was born and raised in Lucca, the magnificent walled-town I’m in love with! I’ve been working in tourism all my life: at the beginning I worked many years as travel agent and tour leader as well, traveling around the world both for business and leisure, a great experience which opened my mind and my soul to different cultures and traditions. My first occupation at the present day is licensed Tourist Guide of Lucca and its province for Italian, English and Spanish-speaking tourists and my goal is to show people how many still visible and hidden works of art this special town has to offer. I can lead you not only throughout the historical centre of this lovely town, but also to visit interesting surroundings characterized by medieval hamlets or ancient summer residences in the countryside. Furthermore, I can accompany both individuals and groups to explore the most popular and amazing cities in Tuscany, for HD/FD tours and also over several days tours. I heartily believe that “local is better”: I mean that since I’m “Lucchese” (from Lucca) I can tell my tourists not just about the art beauties of my hometown, but also about our traditions and habits and how the town has changed over the years, in addition to showing less known places which are not normally included in classic tours. You are very welcome to Lucca and choosing with me as local expert you’ll certainly feel a little bit “Lucchese” too at the end of the tour!

Lucca is my passion

Every corner of my town is like a little treasure worth being discovered Lucca is a town to explore throughout its roman grid, looking upward in order to discover its architectural beauties, several refined windows in Art Deco style, soaring belfries and towers and much more! However, my town has also an important legacy of customs and traditions, such as historical re-enactments and whether religious or musical events, but also food and wine fairs. Its wide province offers interesting resorts scattered among the Versilia and Mediavalle-Garfagnana areas, little uncontaminated gems like medieval hamlets or sumptuous summer residences in the countryside where life still goes slowly. I wait for you then, to make you dive into a still unknown reality and let you discover this beautiful territory with my eyes and my heart: this is my goal as a very local Tourist Guide, get you back home feeling a bit “Lucchesi” (natives of Lucca) at the end of the tour!

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